Bass Fishing with Brett Mitchell
B.A.S.S. Tour Professional
Santee-Cooper Guide and Instructor

Guided Trips

843-346-0485  or  803-379-7029


Just want to catch some bass?  Let my years of experience on these two South Carolina lakes put you on them.  If you love to bass fish and have heard how great these lakes can be, I can help you with anything that makes your trip more enjoyable.   From knowing what to bring, to where to stay my goal is for you to have fun.  Give me a call,  send me an email, or join my facebook page--  843-346-0485  or 803-379-7029

Whether it's a perk trip for one of your VIP clients, or a group outing for your staff I can make sure everyone has a good time.  I have arrangements with other USCG licensed guides to accommodate your group. Drop me a line and I would be happy to handle the details!  


Whether you need someone to help you put together a solid pattern or just need to know how to get around- let my years of competitive fishing on these impoundments work for you.  Every lake has its own twist on the seasonal patterns and I can help you save valuable practice time by getting you pointed in the right direction.  

Daily Rate - 8 hours on the water 1 person                    $375.00
Daily Rate - 8 hours - 2 people- Max per boat                 $400.00
1/2 Day -    (Only booked prior to or after a full day)               
                  4 hours - on the water 1 person                   $275.00  
                  4 hours 2 people- Max per boat                    $300.00
Multi Day -  Discounted for three full consecutive 
                 days or more (not multi boat groups) 
                 Rate per 8 hour day 1 or 2 people                 $350.00    

Corporate Group-  Call with your details for a rate
I will usually have a few drinks in the boat but if you have something that you prefer you should bring it.  We can break for lunch (suggested) or you can bring your own.  Time for lunch on the water is "fishing", time for a "lunch break" is not.  If you have your own equipment I suggest 3-4 rods per person- ask and I will be specific as to what you may need.  If you do not have your own rods or tackle, I will be glad to provide you with equipment suitable to your experience level.   PLEASE let me know ahead of time that you will need equipment. 
You will need a SC Fishing License valid for the date's on the water. This can be obtained online at the line provided or at most local tackle shops.


ALL USCG safety equipment, gas, and oil are provided.  Any equipment you use such as rods and reels- hardbaits is rent free.  Soft Plastics of a warranted amount, lost hard baits, or broken equipment due to mishandling will need to be replaced.
I am a Licensed USCG Captain and safety is always first.  I do not mind if a few beers goes well with your fishing day, but intoxication is not included in your rate.  NO HARD LIQUOR or ILLEGAL DRUGS will be allowed on the boat, and if found the day will end without refund. 
Catching Largemouth Bass requires more skill and patients than other fish.  Those that choose bass fishing as a hobby or sport should know that some days are better than others.  Due to these factors I do not guarantee fish, but that you will be fishing where fish are caught. It is my goal on every outing that my clients have a good time above all else.
On the Lakes-- 


Santee- Cooper-

Marion and Moultrie - This is a lowland impoundment, damned in the 1950's.  Both lakes Marion and Moultrie were left with an abundance of natural structure when they were flooded making them a fishermans heaven.  Anything a savvy angler would want to fish is present- wood, trees, weeds, pads, drop-offs.. its all here.   The lakes were stocked with Florida strain bass, making every cast a potential trophy.  Shad, panfish, and herring are the primary baitfish.  The fish of Santee are like no others, offering a challenge to even the most seasoned bass fisherman.    The shallow back waters during this time team with aggressive largemouth.    3-4lb fish are common and the chance for a fish 6 pounds and up is always there.   Trophy time on the lakes starts early in the year, and fish over 6lbs are common all year long.
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